Hi, I’m Janet Peck and I am the founder of Maritime Bureau, LLC. after coming ashore in 1969 I began Surveying;  having attended the University of Maryland, New York University and Transylvania College, and completed LaSalle Schools’ Law courses earning a “certificate” with acceptance as an LLB in two states. Maritime Bureau, Inc. I also hold a certificate from the Institute of Marine Design (Camden, Maine), in Naval Architecture. I also taught at SUNY Maritime College for 15 years.   I specialized in surveys on cargo damage, marine structures, Warranty, packing, loading, condensation investigations, stowage, shifting of cargo, securing of cargo, lashing and stowage, project cargoes. I strongly believe in the professionalism and dedication our team at Maritime Bureau whom I am proud to say offer some of the most professional services available as Marine Surveyors.